Who We Are

Never say no when a customer asks for something, even if it’s the moon.
You can always try, and in any case there is plenty of time to explain that it was not possible.
(Richard M. Nixon)


Magica Macugnaga

Magica Macugnaga was born from the idea of a simple landlady, Letizia, who initially saw this activity as an easy and good source of income.
From the beginning the work proved more laborious and complicated than expected.
But one evening something special happened…


Understanding the needs of families traveling with even very small children is our goal.
it doesn’t want to be a simple rental service, but a real assistance for the whole holiday.
Initiatives, events and conventions will add value to your stayto make it a truly unforgettable experience! 

Where we are

Macugnaga is an Italian town in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola area, in Piedmont.
It is located at the foot of Monte Rosa, the highest in the Alps.
Reaching its territory the peak of Punta Dufour is the town with the highest altitude of the entire area.






since some years I manage my family properties in Macugnaga. Osteopath is my profession, physiotherapist.

The Story

It was snowing hard and it was very late, a family with a child was coming.
The phone rang, the father asked for directions to the house.
After the necessary explanations, in the background, I heard the voice of the child exclaim: ”what a beautiful dad, what a thrill, it seems to be in an adventure of Percy Jones”.
I felt my hearts pervade me from an intense and strange emotion: I was not just renting an apartment, but giving an emotion!
This simple sentence changed my point of view forever, so I decided to create Magica Macugnaga, a brand that today, in addition to hosting the beautiful Macugnaga, wants to give a touch of magic and emotion to my guests, with a particular attention to the needs of families traveling with children.
The excitement of that episode leads us every day to do our best to ensure that our guests enjoy their perfect holiday.

We give emotions to those who give us confidence

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